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Our story

CARATTO, a progressive and innovative brand that connects history, imagination and exotic luxury with modern and timeless golf bag design. The unique CARATTO golf bags represent the pinnacle of Italian craftsmanship in processing crocodile, ostrich and python leather. Our team of the best experts with their precision handwork has transformed these bags into original gems to adorn every golfer.

Personalized luxury golf bags CARATTO

We want the owner of our bag to be exceptional.
We put emphasis on details and unsurpassed quality, guaranteed by the materials we use for production along with a sophisticated technological process of manual production.

Uniformity, complexity and the absence of elegant golf bags on the market. All this was the impulse for the redesign of the established model and a completely new design full of technological innovations and perfectly precise processing.

Our mission is to produce magnificent golf bags from premium materials. With its bold appearance and all-round reliability, this is simply a golf bag that offers perfect practicality and yet impresses as an extravagant and unmistakable accessory.

CARATTO wishes you many wonderful golfing adventures.